Pink for most guys is mostly considered girly or gay or any other type of insult. However, pink is actually a widely underestimated color. It also is this years must have according to the big street brands and even some luxury brands.

There are some tailors on Instagram that really Don the color pink. Take Tomas Laso-Argos, the founder of @absolutebespoke. He wears a combination that features a whole pink suit with a light blue shirt. Absolutely sick if you ask me! There are some ways you can wear it bold and loud. In my case, this would be too much as well. I prefer to see details and make the statement not as loud.

In my combination today, thought of introducing my MTM suit to you one more time. The jacket is still not quiet right but the trousers and the vest is all I need for a hot day like this one. To set myself apart, I wore a total blue combination with pink details. Together with my sneakers by D2squared, the braces do all the talking and are  everything I need for a statement today. This is more of a fashion  argument as it would probably be worn without braces and left with a single statement piece. To be honest tough, didn’t have the chance to wear the braces otherwise, so I tried it out and loved it so much that I kept it on the whole day 💪.


What do you think? Would you wear pink? Let me know.





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