If in doubt, anything looks good in a white shirt! Its true. You can literally NEVER go wrong with a white shirt! It is the ultimate weapon for every moment where you are in doubt of what to wear for today. Small hint to the ladies: that is the reason why we always wear white shirts to our first dates 😏✌

Wearing a shirt everyday, has given me a good perspective on what is a good go-to shirt. My opinion on this matter is clear, and so I won’t annoy with any tedious story telling on why my dad once a upon a time blablabla… NO! Wear a white shirt to any look you choose and you are able to add yet another color.

What do I mean by that? White is a base color and therefore allows you to combine more colors to it as it is neutral. In a business perspective, this is something you see quiet often. A blue suit for a sophisticated meeting combined with your favorite white shirt and then paired with a bright colored tie with a paisley pattern in purple, pink, you name it.

Personally therefore, I love my white shirts!

I have partnered up with Artigiano to show you what a white shirt can do for you! The fit is great and the material is very nice on the skin. It is something I do cherish when it comes to wearing shirts. The shirt is a bit longer in the arms by Artigiano which is very good in my opinion as most of my shirts tend to be too small after a while.

My outfit is based around the shirt, clean and with a clear view. By this I mean, simple patterns in the jacket and my current favorite cotton chino/dress pant by Lardini. My favorite part here is the design of the trouser and its double pleats. Love it!

Let me know what you think

The shirt I am wearing is a size 41!


  • Shirt- Artigiano by Asoni
  • Blazer- Suitsupply
  • Trouser- Lardini
  • Shoes- Santoni
  • Coat- Salvatore Piccolo