“Where can I buy this?” is probably the most common sentencesyou get under your posts as a blogger, influencer, or cool dude with good taste. Ok, maybe the second or third after tripple ❤️❤️❤️ and 👌, one of them is on top. In the end however, this is what Instagram is for in this circumstance. I would like to take you to my personal shopping trip and where I find my individual favorites. 

Please Note: I like quality, not quantity, so if you are sensitive to spending money or think this is for rich dudes only with too much money to spend, please don’t read further and don’t judge as no one cares ✌️😉

That being said, I would like to confess to my shopping addiction. However, if you have a specific style, it is quiet hard to find the right products and honestly, I use Instagram as a guide to find my favorite pieces. Mostly, I get unlucky as I am a size 52 with rather wide shoulders and a size 50 in the trousers with a size 54 upper leg… you see! Online is a bitch, especially when the brands just write “fits true to size” or “Take your normal size” 🖕🏼You will just say “Go F** yourself, what does that even mean. Do you know my size?!?”.  It is hard for gentleman with a God physique, I’m sure some can relate. 😜 The jokes are all good but in all seriousness, it is tough. I do enjoy my Made to Measure experience and in most cases it would most likely be a better choice, however, I’m not the most patient of people. Enough talking… Coming up, my top 5 favorite places to shop.

  1. The Rake: www.therake.com

If you don’t know The Rake, you should read it. It is the number one source of classic menswear information for 10 years and my personal shopping mall. I also want to add, the BEST menswear magazine in the world (and you can quote me 😉). Mr. Wei Koh, the founder  has demonstrated that a magazine dedicated to classic menswear, can endure in this fast moving world. The taste of the people behind the online shop are genius. Its like they have been in my head sourcing just the right amount of my favorite brands. What I also like about them, on some products, they write the actual measurements down! So helpful and this allows you to almost do nothing wrong. From Rubinacci Gurkha pants to Savile Row’s finest tailoring houses and Italian power houses, you won’t be disappointed. Make sure you come prepared to purchase items that weren’t even on your shopping list. I know, its a pain but you’ll get trough it!

2. Drop 93: www.drop93.com

As The Armory is taking Hong Kong and America by storm, with the highest menswear from Asia and Italy. Us Europeans can learn a thing or two of this amazing brand. Now, I haven’t purchased with The Armory, but, I did with Drop 93, the youngest brand under the retailer. It is based in Hong Kong and mainly does its business online entering a entirely new market. By selling pre owned sartorial pieces such as Ambrosi Trousers (priced at 1000€ now available for 200€) and sale Items such as Ring Jacket, Orazio Luciano pre-owned and a bunch of high quality shoes, accessories, shirts and outerwear. You can go wild and enjoy a few percentages off the real price. Please note: there will be taxes to pay once it arrives in your country, at least for us Germans. In my opinion, worth it…

3. Yoox: www.yoox.com

Yoox is brilliant. The Net-a-Porter sister brand is full of goodness in every way. Specializing in selling last season stock or even items of this season which have not done so well, there are lots of items waiting to be purchased. The best thing is, if you know what you are looking for and you get lucky, you may enjoy a price quiet lower than the actual. This is were I found one or two of my current favorite pieces. However, like I said, make sure you know what you are looking for. At least the brand is a good start, as there are 24 million pieces floating around.

4. Michael Jondral: www.michaeljondral.com

As mentioned before, shopping sartorial garments here in Europe may come as a bit of a difficult task. As with our fast fashion movements and kids wearing their night gowns with Supreme, Yeezy, and off white sneakers to school and university, it is rather difficult to find a brand that actually allows for high quality morphing together with craftsmanship and tradition. However, we Germans have one shop that makes us proud. Shipping worldwide and domestic, Michael Jondral has made his name famous among style cautious men and provides a platform of ultimate luxury to his customers. Amongst findings such as Orazio Luciano, Rota Pantaloni, Fedeli Cashmere, Bontoni and Edward Green shoes, the list goes on, you will find what you are looking for.

5. Mr. Porter: www.mrporter.com

Another member of the Net-A-Porter family focusing on the menswear market now has, for many years, dominated the online trade when it comes to high quality menswear and accessibility world wide. Mr. Porter offers a wide range of luxury goods such as Gucci, Berluti and other known names. However, the ones we are looking exist as well and have a detailed description on how they are measured to guarantee you more of a success when purchasing at Mr. Porter.

There you have it guys, the first part of my shopping destinations online. Keep in mind, there are plenty more out there but these are brands and shops that I have shopped at personally and had a good experience with. Now, you might think this is all could all be expensive and what on earth is this guy up to… Well, you would be a 100% right. Working in the fashion business and more precisely as a made to measure expert, I have come to admire quality. To me, higher quality also means longevity, durability and exclusivity. Due to the fast fashion market booming in todays world, there are a few things a man can do to stand out, and saving money for something that will last is one of them.

I hope this helps and makes your shopping experience a little more exciting. If you have any recommendations on where you find your favorite items, please don’t hesitate to share with us. This can help for the next shopping guide.

Wish you all a nice weekend.