Ciao Ragazzi, I’m back in my home town where I grew up, Frankfurt. This city has it’s ups and downs if I am honest. Today it’s more of a downside due to the bad weather we are experiencing… But that is not going to stop me taking some pictures under a secure roof. 💪

Frankfurt in the rain… a very ugly sight if you ask me, but there is also nothing you can do about it. Not even a rain dance works… When it rains, it rains badly. I arrived here yesterday night to see my family again and to catch up with friends. Most of all, I came back because I have something special to show you, which will be released tomorrow! So stay tuned for so great content and a new product.

What I wore today…

Due to the fact that it was raining today, well, the options were limited. I am more and more tending to revisit my wardobe and see what I can still wear and what has to go. These trousers by Incotex, are a keeper. Cut from a silk fabric, it is light weight and super easy to wear in the warmer months. For me, they work just as well now, dont you think? My combination of today consisted of a polka dot tie and equal patterned socks. I absolutley love this and I think it will come up again with the new suit I just made.

Due to the cold nature of the weather, I wore this cashmere vest by Suitsupply to keep me warm. Cashmere is a solid fabric and perfect for this kind of windy weather. It keeps you warm and will add another layer of luxury to a simple outfit. Nowadays, it is even possible to purchase cashmere blends which provide the same feel with the ultimate plus side of being cheaper.

The shoes, Santoni, my favorite brand and super dandy in looks. Its not every mans shoe, but makes a statment if you want that extra bit of attention.

All in all, a great “casualish” outfit for Italian standards, back in Germany, it is an eye catcher making it so great 😜. Hope you enjoy the pics and make sure to read tomorrow’s blog post!

Good Night!




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Pictures taken by my good friend Nikolas Feuerstein.