With temperatures rising and the days getting longer, it is time to consider what to wear during spring and into summer. Whilst opinions may vary, having skewered the internet, 3 essential jackets stood out.

Keep in mind, that these are a personal approach and whilst many would like to add change a jacket, these 3 are a nice addition to any man’s wardrobe.

The Trench Coat

An all time classic if you ask me or any other gentleman in the industry. The Trench coat has had its fair share of history and has pretty much been present since the mid 1900s. British Brands such as Aquascutum and Burberry really made a name for themselves, claiming the invention of said item.

Considering different models and styles out there, go for an investment piece. This is a deeply rooted and personal point. Trench coat’s vary in today’s fast moving market in quality and style. Since this is an item that can last you a life time (if cared for), consider investing in quality. There are great examples out there available at the Rake, Drakes, Michael Jondral and The Armoury. You can also find great vintage pieces on Ebay or Grailed (it’s just a matter of knowing what to look for).

Personal recommendation: The Trench Coat by Coherence. A Japanese brand providing Japanese fabrics and eye for detail. It’s longer cut and boxy fit is simply perfect for my physique and every day use. It is a very bias recommendation, since this is the first and only Trench Coat I own.

The Bomber Jacket

Another item with a rich history. To many, a perfect essential when it comes to easy layering and luxurious understatement. Also know for its more universal name, The Flight Jacket has, as its name suggests, its roots in the aviation scene. Primarily used by Pilots during the First and Second World War, these jacket kept its wearer warm in the slicing cold altitudes.

Nowadays, the jacket has received a new purpose. Not necessarily for functionality but rather exquisite layering options. Brands have made them in cotton, canvas, leather and suede to ensure a versatile style. A brand that stands out in this challenging environment, is Valstar and their iconic Valsterino. The company was founded in 1911 and specializes in outerwear. This particular model (Valsterino) has been kept simple, yet luxurious. Coming in rich colors in suede and silk lining, Valsterinos are in a league of their own. Many multi-brand stores have incorporated them into their selection so one can find them pretty much worldwide and of course online.

The Leather Jacket

Now this may be a controversial point, a bomber jacket can also be made of leather. In this case I find a personal touch to be important. There are many different styles out there and therefore difficult to judge what type should be considered. Therefore, a suggestion would be, choose the style you like most. Personally, id go for something similar to a biker jacket. Cut shorter, perhaps with heavier detailing and visible pockets. A collar that allows for protection against the wind.

Investing in one would suit you well. This jacket and when made out of well made leather will literally last you life time and might be even handed down to the next generation. The leather will soften with each wear and receive a unique patina not easily replicated. An outerwear piece, you can throw on whenever and can become a trusty companion over the years.

In particular for spring, where the weather still might show some colder days, however, a shirt and jacket would do as well for those slightly warmer days. A leather jacket is a versatile casual piece, aimed to wear casual and with a laid back approach. The perfect companion for the weekend and a great layering piece when going out or just walking the country side. People have done it!

There you have it! My personal opinion on 3 jackets you should own or invest in. That being said, each item can be replaced. For example, a waxed jacket can be a great alternative to a Trench Coat. It all depends on your own personal approach.

However, I would consider these 3, a pretty basic addition to any modern wardrobe, and a great way to keep warm and styled over the transitional periods.