Hello sartorial enthusiasts, life lovers, bespoke gurus, life hackers and shopaholics! It’s been a while since anything was published on here. It’s partly my fault… ok it’s MY fault. I could tell you on how much I had to do and wasn’t able to fit the website into my new routine and blabla… Let’s be honest though, no one want’s to hear that, so let’s just pretend it never happened and you are back on your favorite blog with a lot of content to get through. Sounds good?

This particular outfit can be categorised as an “off-duty” look or a “weekend convenience”. What do I mean by that? Well it simply suggests, that you are able to be comfortable but put together. If you are new to this website, then it is important to state that, on here, we do things with a clear message. It is encouraged to add a personal touch. Outifts don’t neccessarily need to be copied or tried. They can be viewed as a guideline, pick things you like and incorporate into your own wardrobe.

Without further a-do:

The Jacket

Vintage Coat

The jacket is vintage. An item I stole from my father who actually loves it. It is a hunting jacket, cut loose with several pockets in order to store ammunition, life’s necessities and more. The outer fabric is waterproof whilst the inside is soft to the touch and comfortable. All in all a great steal if you ask me!

It is an outerwear piece like any other. It could easily be swapped with say, a waxed jacket or a winter coat. The point being, to keep warm and add an extra layer to the ensemble. I find a heritage piece such as this jacket adds a little more character. Perhaps it’s the oversized fit that makes it so.

The Trouser

Natalino double forward pleats

If you follow me on Instagram, you know my love for Natalino trousers. The fit for a RTW garment is simply superb. Add to the fact, that the price to quality ratio is simply unbeatable, you got yourself your next favorite trouser brand. My choice, the new adition to the their lineup, a double forward pleated high-waisted trouser in cotton cream. 340gr of pure pleasure to wear.

If you want to make adjustments to this kind of look, you can easily swap the trousers for white denim or grey flannels. The look would either be dressed down more or even be elevated if worn with flannel. (It purely depends on your taste and mood of wearing something similar).


Lambswool Knitwear

Not much to say on that matter. Knitwear should be in every man’s wardrobe. This particular one is shorter in length and therefore perfect if you want to wear it with the above mentioned trousers.

In other scenarios a simple grey crew neck would do the trick. Personally, something with a thicker fabric and feel that gives off a certain “relaxed” state. I like lambswool in this case. It’s rough fabric is perfect for the colder days and is a lot more chunky than say, Merino or certain types of cashmere.

The Shoes

Sanders Chukka-boot

Shoes are the center of any outfit. Some even say they “make” an outfit. Introducing the Sanders Chukka boot inspired by McQueens character in the movie “Bullit”. If you haven’t seen it, you are missing out. The once that have, you know! The reworked sole and the polo suede upper makes for a very relaxed, yet refined desert boot. The unique style of the shoe makes it easy to pair with semi formal and casual outfits. Haven’t tried to wear it with flannels yet, but if it pairs as well with cotton, then I’m sure we will become best friends!

There you have it folks! A look that is simple, yet allows for sophistication even on a weekend stroll or an off duty day with friends. Important to note is that everything can be changed, adjusted or even replaced. The cap for example, is not every man’s cup of tea. However, change it with a watch cap or a beanie and you can add comfort and personal style.

Let me hear your thoughts. Let’s discuss!




Coat- Vintage 
Jacket- bespoke via Gabriele Corvino
Knitwear and Caps- A Tempo Rubato
Trousers- Natalino
Shoes- Sanders Shoes