Simple is often times the correct way, in every aspect of life. However, sometimes you can provoke that simple life and make it a bit more tasteful so to speak. For example, when you have to get ready to pack for the next 2 months, you can either do it right now and stop stressing about it later, or you pack late at night in full stress, no sleep and hope you didn’t forget anything in the morning 😊✌️

The last few days were busy organizing the next couple of weeks, where I will spend most of them in Italy. First stop however, Munich. Will only stay here for one day and leave tomorrow afternoon. Next week, it will be my first time in Florence for Pitti Uomo 91. This fair has been on my radar for years, and now I get to finally fulfill that wish and spend it with the best, most well dressed influencers and brands in the world. Man, only saying this makes me gibberish 😅… Quiet excited what Florence has to offer, and I am not going alone. I have the pleasure to accompany a good friend of mine who has been to the fair 3 years in a row now. Jojo (@jj88fashionist) is one of the most well dressed man I had the pleasure of meeting. Our love for fashion has created a good friendship beyond the fabrics and suits. I am grateful for him as he will introduce me to the fair and will have to put up with my annoying character. If we won’t kill each other, I think it is safe to say that I am looking forward to the week ahead.

You can see, talking a lot again, but passion is passion and its a free country!!!

If you are a man wanting to dress smarter, simplicity is a very important factor. Dressing well but appropriate is what we get taught by our parents and maybe in school, but bending the rules here and there forms our character. Very philosophical, but I thought it had a nice ring to it when I punched the keys on the keyboard. Maybe I should write a book 🤔 Just kidding, there would be too many spelling mistakes to make it “a book”.

Fucking freezing here in Munich, and what better way to battle it with a thick coat with a fur collar. It’s fake but unbelievably warm so scarves are not necessary. The Indian inspired shirt by my man Mauro Viviani fit perfectly with that double breasted blazer. A pair of slim fit Jacob Cohen Jeans, made the ensemble more casual, whilst my favorite shoes by Santoni added an extra touch of dandyism. So you see, simple yes, but with a different texture shirt and some color, you can even pimp a rather easy outfit. Its all about confidence at the end of the day.

For now, please admire the strong silhouette and that beautiful leg muscle emerging from the trousers. I need some self preservation as Christmas has been too tasteful and injuring my hand has left me crippled for a couple of weeks, sooo gym is not really an option right now 😂

Live coverage of Pitti will happen on my Snapchat (Sprezzaman) and my Instagram 😘(@Thedonsclub).

For more information on Pitti Uomo please read my article about it HERE.




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