Evening ladies and gents! How has your weekend been so far? I have to say mine has been going pretty well and now currently on the laptop in my country house writing up a few articles for next week. There is so much to talk about and with work commencing next week, I have to plan accordingly! For now, we will talk about the tie and that it can also be dressed down.

A tie is mostly known to be worn with a suit, a white or blue shirt and only for “business”. If you follow me on instagram you might have seen one of my recent outfits where I wore a green tie to a very casual denim look. The idea of the tie originated from the early 17th century were the French hired Croatian mercenaries who wore it as part of their uniform. The King of France at the time King Louis XIV liked it so much that he made it necessary to wear to formal events. Nowadays, it is a formal attire however even this has almost been taken away since people have decided that it is too classical and not “cool”.

I disagree! A tie adds a more interesting touch to an outfit and makes you look twice if worn in a more “nonchalant” manner. Plus, in todays world (I keep saying that a lot) it is a very rare accessory. In many cases, you really don’t need to wear a tie or should wear a tie. This is because sometimes it really just looks over the top. We are an evolving species which means, that, we change our appearance constantly. I can tell you if we wouldn’t evolve we be all eating lice from each others heads hanging in the trees making mating sounds to establish authority… The evolution of man is something we cherish and which makes us as human beings that more unique.

But  little classical notes aren’t too bad. So next time you stand infront of your wardrobe on a Saturday maybe go ahead and grab that knitted tie from an Italian brand no one can pronounce and add it to your denim game the upcoming afternoon. You might be surprised how cool it can be. Not saying that I am in any way cool (well, I am but I won’t say it out loud 😏) It is just a way of giving you another idea to switching it up. The ladies, our better half, are so very good at this. Lets try to give them an equal challenge.

Wore my tie with a standing collar cardigan by Suitsupply. A striped shirt for the extra twist and a grey pair of flannel pants. The coat with a pleated shoulder is by Salvatore Piccolo, famous for making handmade shirts.

Wish you all a great rest of your Sunday. Just about to have dinner so I best be checking if I haven’t ruined the sauce ✌️.





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