Evening folks, spent a perfect Sunday in bed continuing one of my November routines, watching all James Bond 007 movies. What can be better to see Sean Connery, Roger Moore and co on screen with their nice gadgets and tailored suit in your favorite car? Answer is Nada! This brings me to my new article about my experience with CarVia.

If you can remember, a month ago, I spent my holiday in Kitzbühel, Austria with my girl on a special trip. This trip consisted of, of course, the woman, a luxurious hotel, and a fucking nice car. The car in question, a Porsche 911 Carrera. 370 horsepower and loud AF. In short, I hope I wasn’t caught speeding, because let me tell you, that would be pretty expensive this close to Christmas.

So what is CarVia and why should you try it? Well, CarVia is a Car rental company focusing on the luxury car experience. If you head over to other rental car companies, even driving a normal car for a day or two can be quiet expensive. Now, at CarVia, we are talking about driving a Porsche 911 or a Macan GTS for less than 200 Euros a day. For me, having never actually driven a Porsche, this was a little dream come true. It would’ve been better just to keep it but that will take a few more years 😏. I had the opportunity to take the 911 out for a trip over the weekend and I must say, that was a wonderful experience. CarVia is no ordinary rental company, they provide you with a booklet with marked trips and roads to get the full on experience of your car. There are even stops on the way for example hotels, restaurants or bars to make the trip relaxing at the same time. With CarVia, you get to see Munich and the surrounding countryside from a completely different perspective.

The company is run by a young, very forward thinking team of three people, who’s main focus is to provide you with the perfect Porsche or Mercedes experience. You have the possibility to choose between a variety of different cars such as the continuously mentioned (well it is a sick car) Porsche 911 all the way up to the big boys like the Mercedes Benz G Wagon. The idea behind the company is, to give everybody the experience and not a selective few. The cars are in good order and up to date. I can only recommend the service, the experience, the routes picked and driven by the team, and by far the most important, driving a badass car. What more can you want?

Combined in this post, are a couple different shots featuring the car and well groomed outfits. I think you owe it to the car to dress well on certain occasions and that is what I did. Bringing out the big guns in super 160 royal blue suits and classic combinations.

Choose CarVia for your next day or weekend trip, it will be worth it!





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