Many of my friends know me as a style enthusiast. This is because when it comes to clothing, I have a general interest in what I want to wear for the particular day. However, when it comes to technology, I shut down and use the bare minimum. Knowing where the on/off switch is, that is something I can tell you immediately. If you ask me about your laptop…Goodbye. Now, I use my phone everyday and so when I got the chance to test the Blackberry #KEYone, I wanted to give it a try.

So… I have been testing the Blackberry for a while now. Since I work a lot with keeping dates, notes and appointments on the phone, the Blackberry is an obvious choice in these categories. In this brief overview of the new mobile phone, I want to give you a critical feedback and try to keep it as REAL as possible.

The Blackberry #KEYone features a clean design in black, with the famous Blackberry keyboard. I have to admit, I missed it a bit so when using it, you get the full on feeling of the Blackberry experience. The beauty of this mobile device is its functionality in business. I remember my father always having one for work and writing his emails as well as keeping is Clients on there. In my opinion, if you are taking care of personal life and work life, it often becomes very difficult to keep these two a part if you give your personal email or phone number to your clients. So the phone in this case is a real luxury as it gives me the opportunity to work more efficiently in my opinion.

With todays evolving technology so too has Blackberry improved and revamped its software. It now runs on Android, the second largest software user after IOS. Honestly, I haven’t really jumped into the Android experience due to my incredible lack of knowledge about it. It is not that I want to learn it, its the fact that the most important apps are already on the phone. With a few additions (which were easy to find) such as WhatsApp, Instagram (MUST HAVE) and maybe E-Mail apps and that would be it. Its touchscreen is very responsive and clean in the movement for example when you swipe to view a new page.

The most important part of Blackberry however, is the design… As mentioned before, the design is slick, very elegant and simple (which I  love). Its camera is impressive. It’s 12mp makes clear pictures and a strong definition in the colors of the objects. I mean, we are talking about a business phone here, which has made its move into the fashion industry. I for one am pretty impressed with what Blackberry has created here. It’s ability to manage your life with simple memory pads is fascinating. Learning more about this phone everyday!

You will see a couple of different looks with this beauty. For now, I thought, due to the nature of the phone that we all know, a business look would do the perfect way to introduce this beauty into the fashion business lifestyle.

For more questions about the #KEYone not mentioned here, don’t hesitate to ask!




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