“Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire, become what you respect, mirror what you admire.” Something you ought to remember. For me, this is something that follows me quiet a lot recently. Not trying to be cocky or experienced, cause Im not, but the older you get the more serious you think about life, the future and how you want to be viewed by those around you… Or not, I mean you can piss about, live life like its your last day and make the most of it. Either way you choose! I chose to focus on this quote for a while. 

The attraction part I got down! Look fly in the most unfly places, like a subway station. No problem for me, I walk about in suits and combinations even on a Sunday. People look at me as if I just came from a TV set😂. Attraction, well I guess if you make it work for you then you make it work for them, right? Looking well put together is not something to fear. I think the most important part of character is to be authentic and staying true to what you believe. Make sure you got that one, the rest will come (citation Dr. Don).

Reflect on the things you want to achieve and how to get there. Getting two steps into the kitchen, grabbing that self made muffin by my girl only to sit back on the couch watching the latest episode of GOT is something I do reflect on every Sunday (If she reads this, no more muffins for me…). On a serious note, having goals in life is something that should make you wake up in the morning at a certain point in your life. Do you know what you desire? Have you reflected upon how to achieve it? Im waking up everyday to find out the reflection part.

Respect is something every gentleman should have in his blood. Respect your friends, your family your woman or man and what makes a gentleman great, respect your enemies. Clothes and style are something that can add to that respect. Wear the appropriate clothes, well cut or fitted and you will get the respect needed in your position. Being well groomed goes a long way in the first appearance of gaining respect from others.

I have admired those old gangster films and their actors. Remember Al Pacino in ” The Godfather” or Ray Liotta in “Goddfellas”. First thing I thought was fucking epic was their perfectly tailored suits and those ultra long collars. A true gangster at least once, wore a double breasted striped suit to do his dirty deeds. Mine is made out of Carlo Barbara virgin wool and features a slim fit and extreme wide lapels.

Then location, Rocca Reviera in Munich. Exquisite cuisine and great cocktails for a night out in a more upper class ambience. The restaurant not only features great food and drinks but also a fantastic interior design. Perfect location for a “dirty deed” in a gangster striped double breasted suit.

Wish you all a good night and see you on the next episode of “The Don teaching life”  😂

What I wore:

  • Outfit-Suitsupply
  • Shoes- Alden New England
  • Socks- Falke




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