Happy Mothersday to all your mothers!

“The beauty of mothers is forever reflected in the eyes of their children.” A very beautiful quote by -I don’t know who-, if anyone knows please tell me 🙂

Lets talk about casual tailoring.

As the name already states it is “Casual – Tailoring” duhh… I knew that. Well lets put it that way; just because you own a suit, you can’t just wear it with a t-shirt and sneakers. It just won’t work. What you rather do is, you take a suit (in the summer, a linen mix will do just perfectly!) which is already preprogrammed to look more casual.You will recognize this by the fit, the material and the overall construction of the suit. Casual means losey goosey, easy does it, relaxed, “Bro Im chillin in ma suit on a Sunday” you get me? Of course you can wear a shirt and tie or even like me, a white shirt and sneakers. Just remember the overall look will give off a relaxed vibe, which we WANT.

My suit is from Boglioli, one of the best brands if you ask me. It is sporty, and cut to perfection. With a white shirt by none other than Mauro Viviani, and a pair of white new sneakers from Common Projects, I don’t think you can go wrong.

I seem to have a white color problem lately… white sneakers (again :/ ), white shirt (always!?!) white pocket square (hell yes!!!) even white underwear to go the extra mile (#underweargoals). People, I think I have an addiction to white!!!

What I wore:

  • Suit- Boglioli
  • Shirt- Mauro Viviani
  • Sneakers- Common Porjects
  • Sunglasses- Prada
  • Underwear- Sorry this will be kept a secret for now… 😉




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