TGIF guys,

Its that time again, the weekend is upon us and we are ready to relax, enjoy and party hard. I thought about something different today. Since I am a shoe addict, quiet literally intact, I decided to show you my new purchase.

I tell you one thing, I took these pictures yesterday, and my friends sat behind me thinking I was on drugs the way I moved around the shoes as if I was a paparazzi looking for a new nood picture of Miley Cyrus.

Anyway, back to the point. A wonderful single monk from Santoni came my way a couple of days ago. I saw it before on the official website of Santoni last year and knew it was a masterpiece. The maxi fringe, famously made by Santoni to elaborate the dandy style of Italians is splendid. Furthermore, the two different leather combinations takes the shoe game to a whole other level and was a more than definite reason why I bought this baby. A lot of combinations can be made with these types of shoes. Due to the maxi fringe, it gets a nice casual touch to an elegant shoe and therefore you have the opportunity to tone it down or dress it up to the extreme. Its just the right shoe for me my friends.

In the coming outfit posts, you will see more of this shoe in action. I love it! Tell me what you think.


  • Santoni- Find similar here (HERE)





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