Good afternoon Dons,

It is a Sunday… not a sunny day but a day for that calm “I’m going to do nothing” kind of day. Many would sit in their favorite adidas track suit on the couch and sip on that nice hot chocolate they made… well you can do differently too.

Yesterday evening, after working like on every Saturday, I decided to take the train home to Frankfurt. I even booked the train two hours after my shift. However, being the man I am, even 2 hours do not cut it. Although I am just staying till Tuesday it was a huge effort to pack this one damn bag!!! Honestly, I would rather go away for 1-2 weeks because you can just take everything with you. Instead, I figured out how to pack for 3 days and it sort of worked… I think (we will find out if I missed anything, mostly underwear or socks are my weakness).

For this rainy,windy,dirty and cold day I chose to play with fabrics. For my birthday, I received this lovely cashmere blend shirt from the Italian brand Sebastiano. It is so smooth on the skin that taking it off would be a sin. My tassel loafers which have not seen much wearing have become more popular with me lately and sporting them to this outfit only seemed appropriate. Meermin Mallorca makes amazing shoes for really affordable prices and great quality, trust me, you won’t go wrong there especially if you love good quality shoes. The real statement piece of the outfit are these PT01 flannel trousers. Amazing quality, super comfortable and a must-have  fabric for the colder days. This particular type of trouser is not available anymore but the brand prides themselves for making quality trousers so feel free to find your perfect match. Because details matter, a beautiful wool tie by Barba finished off the look.

Btw, the coffee is by Nespresso, what else?

What do you guys think? A different take on a Sunday or too elegant for your taste?



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