It’s not everyday that you get to walk through the city you live in and find yourself taking photos eventually under a metal tree. So I took this opportunity to show you the next Classy combination. Taking “casual” to a whole new level ✌️

“Rumoribus non est disputandum.” Fancy words in dead language really make it sound that much more serious. In English, there is no argument about taste. Arguably, there are tons of different styles out there and everyone feels comfortable in what they see as their personality. Same goes for clothes.

If you follow the articles on TDC (The Dons Club) you will know that it turns all around the classic gentleman incorporating tailoring to everyday outfits. I like the idea of having something unique and wearing something personified such as a blazer in a structured pattern. All of this can even combine a metal tree in the surrounding and bring a modern touch to a classic/modern look… Verdict: If you take a picture, take it with a good looking background 😜

Today, a look at a brown/ blue combination featuring this checked blazer! It is so rich in pattern that everything else in the look is more basic in order to keep the focus on the pattern. White trousers to brighten up the look and single monk with fringe for some dandy appeal! All in all, an outfit that makes a statement and isn’t forgotten quickly.

What do you think of the look? Would you agree with the argument? Let me know!

  • Outfit by Suitsupply
  • Shoes by Santoni
  • Shirt by Profuomo





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