Tis the winter season where it gets cold here in Germany. Well… if you look back to what temperatures we had the past couple of years, the meaning “cold” was barely touched. More like 15-24 degrees around Christmas time. Still, we get ready for when winter really comes and right now it does look like it. A coat will be your best friend. But what coat should you wear?

I teamed up with the boys from Snobtop to show you guys a few different looks on Instagram as well as on this platform. Its all about cold weather attire and how to best make the most of layering. I won’t consider myself an expert, but, in this case, since I get cold fast (yeah… got that from mums) there are a few things that we can learn from this.

First of all, a coat needs to look smart and not oversized an baggy. I know its the fashion forward thinking type but you want to use the coat more that once I presume. For me, and I say this a lot, it is all about the fit. No need to spend tones of money on expensive products if all that you have to do, is to look at how some pieces look on your body. We are not trying to tailor the fuck out of it, however, we are more trying to cover what is necessary without ruining the fit completely. The important part is covered… now onto the color.

Well you can’t do anything wrong with dark colors in my opinion. To start off with, I would suggest to go for a color you could also wear to work. This would mean something in darker tones of grey and blue. In my humble opinion, it makes the outfit also look more classy if the coat adds some charm. A color as mentioned before, grey or blue will work very well in an off duty look and foremost to work. Find a color that suits you best and that you are comfortable in. The aim is to keep it longer than one winter season 😏.

I for one chose anthracite today. A dark hue of grey, in combination with a light grey cashmere suit in a Prince of Wales pattern. The nice thing about the coat is, that it has soft shoulder, meaning, very little padding and therefore complements my “athletic build”. Another perk is the unconstructed detail. The fabric is so bouncy and smooth that it literally hugs my body and can even be worn casually as well. Super soft and uber comfortable, really! I can’t make this up.

So now you see an idea of pattern and color. The dark grey will work perfectly well with almost everything in my wardrobe and therefore will continue to live on for more than just a season. Its a matter of flexibility. If you are like me, well it won’t be your last coat, guaranteed 😏✌️.

Check out this stunning coat over HERE.

Let me know your opinion about coats in the comments below or email me.





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