Middle of the week calling for a blog update. Currently, super busy thats why, blog posts still consist of boring old me and nothing else. I am currently trying to fit in a couple of different posts but all in due time. Today, we are playing “Dress Up” on a Wednesday.

Something I would wear to work would look like this. A combination instead of a suit, in my opinion draws more attention to you as a person. The sheer endless possibilities you have within mixing patterns, colors and styles are just one way to explain what you can do with a just a few pieces. Take this look for example. A linen double breasted blazer matched with a linen cotton blend shirt in denim optic, accompanied by a linen mix trouser, done! Yes there is a lot of linen in that sentence… This is because it is the best fabric for the hot days and on this day, it was realllly hot. Slightly scratchy in the beginning, Linen tends to loosen up and become more comfortable with use. For some, its feature of wrinkling can be too much to bear. It should always be treated as such, casual.

The whole outfit, including tie, is by Suitsupply. One of my favorite destinations for shopping. I could dig into the whole collection  (I think Im doing it right now) and wear everything.The quality is amazing together with the price that comes with it. A MUST for every gentleman looking to add a staple piece to their wardrobe.

Let me know what you think in the comments below or via email.




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