It is the 12 January 2016 and Pitti Uomo 89 has started. Ladies and Gents please gear up for the most stylish event of the year!

First of all, let me tell you (for those who don’t know) what Pitti Uomo really is. Many see it today as the modern day “fashonshow” of live men and women walking around in fancy clothes and unique style trying desperately to be snapped by one of the famous street style photographers. Well, it is part of the significance of this event, but actually it has a whole different meaning. In 1951, a wealthy Tuscan fabric dealer decided to create a “fashionshow” for the ‘post world war’ Italian woman in his Villa in Florence. Soon other brands were invited and presented what they had to offer to the selected public.Pitti Uomo was the biggest fashion event in Europe in the 50s. In 1972 for the first time, mens fashion was presented and very quickly renamed as Pitti Uomo in Florence. Twice a year, the most stylish men and women and brands enter the 59,000 square feet plaza in Florence to show off their latest style, present new collections, and or market themselves to other famous personalities in the business. The whole purpose of this event to give a sole in-take of what “Made in Italy” has to offer for the upcoming year. Together with the Milan Fashion Week (MFW), Pitti Uomo is the most important place for mensfashion before Paris, London and New York.

For me “Made in Italy” is all about this event. Pitti Uomo is something that starts trends and finds interest in old ones. It all started in a Villa in Florence and now is presented all over the world but twice a year it comes back to its birthplace and people honor it with fashion of the wildest sorts. I hope one day I can give you a live coverage of this incredible trade show.

Stay tuned for more pictures of the three day event.

Pictures were taken from the internet by Pitti Imagine, Art and Hustle,



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