Pitti Day 2- It got even warmer, no wind and the sun was crushing down on bear skin. One way to battle this: go in a full double breasted suit, shirt and tie in order to catch the sun and bring the body to a whole other temperature 😂. Pitti Day 2 was spent in an electric blue linen suit…

The Suit

First off, let me say, that I have made a few suits with Massura. We’ve come a long way and have come to a point, where the jacket fit is getting pretty much to the way, I want it to look and feel. A bespoke program is not only making a suit. People tend to forget the amount of work and dedication a fully hand made suit needs to take shape. So whilst I have worked with Massura’s MTM program, this suit is the very first suit of the Massura Bespoke range.

-Shot by Pontus Johnson for Engelskaherr-

I went for a classic 6×1 button closure. For those of you who don’t know, the lapel is being made and ironed in a way that it fits the lowest button. Although it could be worn as a classic 6×2, the visual difference is in the curve and overall silhouette of the lapel. Ever since I watched the old movies of gangsters, I wanted to try it.

Honestly, it is a very classic and serious look. During the day, the jacket was kept unbuttoned to loosen up the seriousness of it which I find, worked very well. However, it is has to be said, that due to the buttoning, the weight of the front of the jacket leans forward sometimes, making it bulge slightly. Whilst I don’t think that has to do with lack of room in the chest, as I have plenty, Moritz and I will look into it after the vacation to check and see if we can tighten that point in order for it to fall more cleanly. This is something that can be fixed, and I will let you know how I fair.

-Shot by Pontus Johnson for Engelskaherr-

The trousers fit perfectly. Whilst I would prefer my trousers higher in the future, especially with this very formal suit, the slim line of the trouser and the height was perfect in order to keep a certain youth appeal. It will be interesting to see how the trousers fair once worn separately.

That being said, Pitti Day 2 was the only time I wore this suit and therefore have no further information as to how it works with the rest of my wardrobe. This will be adjusted once back at home and settled in.

The Color

I received a lot of feedback about the color which was nice. Yes! I’m with you, the color is more than aggressive, it is pretty in-your-face. However, my initial thinking was just that. I wanted a suit made for me in an electric blue linen. Over the last few years, that color has further been creeping into the sartorial world and whilst it is rarely worn as an entire suit, I felt that it worked more than well for the fair.

Whilst many said it was only a color to be worn at Pitti, me and my ego must protest. Yes it is aggressive, but we believe it to be versatile. As I will showcase during the course of the summer, this suit, will actually be able to blend in even in other countries other than Italy. The key, I find, is to use very basic colors such as white, grey and perhaps dark brown towns to compliment it. We want to tone down the color not brighten it. This is the case with all colors in fact. Make sure to be subtle and you can enjoy it even more.

To be frank, the pictures don’t do it justice, as the color is actually more muted.

Massura has created a suit that not only shows that bespoke tailoring has to be serious, but rather, fun. Furthermore, in the course of over 2 years, we have created a bond (and I can’t stress this enough, that the relationship you have with the tailor, will also influence the outcome of the product) that has reached a new level of creation and has resulted in one of the best suits I own from Massura (until now, I only have one full suit of the Bespoke Massura line). Few changes will be made to the overall pattern and we will see how it goes in the future.

Final Verdict and Accessories

– Spacca Napolis Tie –

In conclusion, the second day of Pitti was a blast. Although it was hot, I think I faired quite well. Some of my friends might say I complained a bit too much (I sure did), but thats fine. Fact remains, that this Pitti Uomo must have been my best one yet!

In honor of Pitti 96, I also partnered up with Spacca Napolis, the producer of the neckerchief I wore yesterday, and the tie today. What I like about their designs, is the pattern and the fun, the founder Nicola Radano must have had whilst producing them. Vintage inspired pieces with new and modern quality. These items are made to be worn and to age with you and your style.

The tie was made out of a wool and linen mix and therefore will crease once worn. However, that is also the beauty of a summer tie.

I wish you all a nice weekend and enjoy the pictures. I did die some times…



If you would like to try your own bespoke experience, contact Moritz directly by email (moritz.kossytorz@massura.de) or slide into their DM’s on @massura_sartoria. For any personal question or doubts, email me or let me know in the comments.

Rimbaud woven Loafer by Barbanera