Hey there ladies and gents! Back from the dead. In fact, I was never gone, just not right here, on the laptop, writing articles. That will change now! As they say, “New Year new Me.” See how long I can keep it up. To get straight to the point,  last week, I was in Florence for the famous menswear fair which is Pitti Uomo 93. Lets get into it shall we?

Italy, Florence, in the biggest city of Tuscany, we find ourselves amongst amazingly stylish people all walking into one direction. Pitti Uomo is reuniting for the 93rd time at Fortella da Basso just a couple of minutes walk from Firenze Santa Novella train station. Here you find anything and everything a man needs to look dashing and the men and women to ensure you will get these products back in your home country. The fact is, it is actually a huge business meeting with over 35000 buyers and sellers. The fun fact is, it is also a fair used to portrait the best and worst dressed men on the planet. If you have read my reviews before, you will know that I love coming to Florence and witness Pitti Uomo in person.

It was always a dream coming here! Now, this is my third time and I’m still loving it. This year, the plan was different then the last visits. This year I wanted to get to know new brands and show you some of the best ones out there. However, those brands you know… The interesting ones are those that are brand new to the market, brands where love, sweat and tears have built the fundamentals of the products and its founders. I met some of these brands and met some very interesting people.

Now to the shallow part of this orgy…

Outside, the centre of the fair, thousands of style enthusiast flock to be able to catch the lense of one of the photographers working for a magazine such as GQ, NY Times or Vogue. Others, stand around to catch up on old friendships and creating new ones. I’d like to think I’m one of those guys. Having been here for the third time also means, having met quiet a few people, each in their own stage in life. Together we talk about style and catch up on the latest achievements… oh and be photographed together.

All in all, the fair is not too bad. I would say it is great for those who love to come and see some great style combinations and new collections. For those not really interested in fashion, this is definitely not for you. You wouldn’t understand why standing outside in the rain for 3 fucking hours would make sense… I can’t even begin to tell you what this feeling is like.

To the outfits…

I chose clean and up to date fabrics for my 3 days of mensfashion mania. My first look featured blue and Burgundy with a splash of camel. The second look (my favorite look) featured this years must-have fabric, corduroy. A brown made-to-measure 3 piece suit with a nice balloon cap (made me feel like a member of the Peaky Blinders!). The third look, my loudest look so far, featured a light purple made-to-measure trouser with a light blue shirt and a blue combination of coat and jacket. I liked it a lot, however have to say it was, in my opinion, quiet aggressive!

Now enough jabbering, pictures speak louder that words so now come a few of those to ease your mind.

Let me know what you think.





Pictures by RJ (@rawchesta), Eleonora (@eleonoraph)

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