Pitti Uomo is all about a trade fair, boutiques come here to find new brands and shop old ones. Behind all this is also a fashion circus as many would call it. The biggest Instagramers, stylers and photographers gather in the square on Pitti Uomo 91 Day 2. You have to dress accordingly…

The second day is the main day, or so I have heard. It is where literally everyone with style is gathering in the square, fighting for a place on the Pitti Wall. Its a colorful nightmare, with everyone going outside and presenting what they got to the countless photographers out there.

Lets get straight to the point…

I had this idea in my mind the day before to wear a pink striped shirt with a white collar and a blue tie. However, when walking through the city, I couldn’t find what I was looking for until I walked into my beloved store of Boggi Milano. There I found something similar, a burgundy striped shirt with a wide collar which suited my needs. Together with the navy tie it added an extra touch to the ensemble. Adding a bit more texture was what I wanted to do today, since Pitti is also the perfect place to try out new combinations, a two peace (blazer and vest) was a good choice to find the right balance to compliment the shirt. With its grey accents I chose to wear a pair of tailored, slim fit flannel trousers by Hackett that toned down the outfit so that I didnt look to much like a “dick” in a colorful palette. You got to keep it real in my opinion. I mean its awesome to see all these colors on men and women but you can’t tell me that this is something they wear everyday… I like to think I did stay true to what I was wearing and saw it more as an experiment.

Before I forget, I wore my favorite shoes for this outfit! The 16/17 FW edition fringe loafers by Santoni… an absolute beauty if you ask me!

Here at Pitti I also met Yamina Laidani, a passionate photographer from Rome. She caught me sitting at the other side of the square admiring the people passing by. The shot is amazing and I am beyond humbled to be caught by such a talented photographer. Follow her on Instagram (@yaminalaidani) for more amazing shots.

What do you think about the outfit? Did I fit in?




DSC_3913 DSC_3916

Above pictures taken by Yamina Laidani.

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