Don’t you love the spontaneous trips? I do… they are the best ones. You have no time to think of a better option and it always ends in the best way. I decided to spend my weekend over in Bolzano. Booked a ticket yesterday and off I went. ✌️

Bolzano is only an hour away from Verona and therefore very easy to reach by train. Once I arrived at the city in between the mountains, my first mistake was to step into a taxi only 150 meters away from my Hotel… That Taxi drivers face though… Looked like he wanted to slap me across the face, so I got out and walked those 2 steps. How am I supposed to know that it is that close?!?! Embarrassment for the day successfully achieved.

Once out of the hotel and in the city, I found a sweet garden not far from the hotel where I decided to lay done a little pic session. Since after one year, I finally understood my camera, the picture turn out quiet well.

Today was a traveling day, and since I am desperately learning to pack light and convenient, I decided to take a comfortable color with which I can’t go wrong. Rollneck jumpers, in Italian called “Dolce Vita”, are my current obsession. They work with everything and keep you nice and warm. Especially dark colors suit me particularly well especially during the winter season. To add some flavor, I took out my denim vest by Eleventy Milano to break up the “old chap” look. A current staple piece in my wardrobe are these pants with a carrot wide cut sliming down at the bottom. Wonderfully easy to pair also with out socks and just a nice pair of sneakers in my opinion. However, today I felt like a combination would do the trick. Casual elegance I would call it, as the shoes reflect the elegance to the rest of the slightly more relaxed look.

Keeping it simple is key. Dont be afraid of adding a layer on top of a jumper… Try to start with vests, as they can break down the outfit in order to show more versatility. Plus, can add an extra bit of color.

What do you think of this outfit? Heading to bed soon as my eyes are super sleepy today. Tomorrow, back to the grind!




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