“Ironically, making a statement with words is the least effective method.” I have to agree with that statement. Although, if you ask my friends and family, I do talk a shit load, and can keep you awake for hours. However, when it comes down to making a point, a statement outfit can do wonders…

Lets start off by saying that this is a look that is not easy and is more than just a bunch of colors mixed together. If we take a closer look to what we have here, you will notice that the color standing on its own is white. I find it important to play around with 3 colors. 3 is a number that is pleasing to the eye and can therefore be taken up by the brain and processed. What we have here are 4 different colors however, if you ask me, white is acting as a base color (something to function as a basis/starting point). This means, it doesn’t really get taking into account. It calms the look down.

20180128_TDC_ 361

The white shirt gives room for the over check of the jacket and the denim coat. Notice the small details here. The buttonholes of the waistcoat harmonize perfectly with the blazer and so make the loud outfit a bit more put together.

My favorite part of the look are the trousers. The forward pleats (inward) have a nice look to them and then together with this look, makes the “too much” statement scream a bit louder! Honestly, I can tell you so many ways in how to dress for an occasion, but the most important occasion is the one you put in front of you. Make sure you own that one, even if it means growing a massive pair of “Cojones”.

20180128_TDC_ 375

There will be an article and a closer look to these bad boys on my feet, but for now, these comfortable sons a b***s are definitely made for Pirates and Mermaids! Goodyear welted single monk with a dandy touch.

Too much? Let me know what you think! I for one think that, I have used too many words and let pictures speak for themselves. Read the quote once again and you will know what I mean 😏✌.

Outfit details:

  • Blazer- L.B.M.1911
  • Shirt- Suitsupply
  • Waistcoat- Eleventy
  • Trouser- Lardini
  • Shoes- Barbanera





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