Not your ordinary umbrella. Indeed this is correct! Because this umbrella cannot fly or can move an obstacle out of the way but it looks damn good and is, handmade! Let me introduce you to my new best friend, my shield on wet days, my companion into the snowy battle, my Pasotti.

You know those umbrellas that you get from the hotel or occasionally steal from your colleague at work? It is those umbrellas that really travel through hands like a groupie at their favorite bands concert. I cannot tell you how many of those I have lost or passed on… Not everyone understands the privilege of owning a really nice, good quality umbrella, so I will tell you my experience and my desire to have an accessory that compliments any look on a rainy day.

Pasotti Umbrellas have been created since 1956 near Florence in Castellucchio. The family owned company is in its second generation and still runs out of the company once created by the CEO’s mother Ernesta Pasotti who worked in a umbrella company before, decided however to return to her hometown and build up her own company together with her husband. Pasotti distinguishes itself from other brands by using unique designs made out of high quality wood, Swarovski crystals and brass. The company mainly sells outside of Italy with a strong focus point in the Asian market.

Today, the company is expanding due to the 3rd generations work in the biggest market in the world, social media. Nicola (whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person) and Andrea Begotti work to build on top of the success of the previous generations. In my opinion, with a lot of success.

Now, I will show you a closer look with my new accessory. It is a very elegant piece so its only fair to pair it with a business look to give it justice. My super 160 blue pleated suit is the perfect companion in this matter. Paired with a check shirt for a little contrast and not to forget my wild side, a matching tie to my current favorite single monk with a dandy feel by Barbanera. Classy, edgy, and a touch of sartorial madness is of course always present.

Time for my to shut it and give the floor to the pictures made by my good friend Philipp.

Hint: Umbrellas can be bought online and in Munich at the Stereo shop ✌


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