Monday coming to an end! New week has started! Only half a week for me!!! I have decided to go home. Well actually, I have to go home as my passport AND my ID is expiring next month, and if I don’t get my new one I won’t be able to leave Italy any time soon. Not that I want to, but you get the idea. Before I explain myself and go over into endless mambojambo, lets get into todays post. 

I still havent found socks… I dont know what it is with me but, I just don’t want to have it that it’s actually time to cover those ankles. I have worked too hard for them! I don’t go to the gym just to train arms, chest and back… I do it right and workout those “ankles” too 😉 I don’t get that “Booty pump“, I get “Ankle pump“. Now however, even I and my ankles have come to the point of realization. It is getting too cold.

This post however, shows my ankles one last time as the day presented us with warm sunshine and a clear blue sky. Marco and I therefore decided to shoot at the river Adige near Castellvecchio (old castle). Perfect to present what I wore for this day. I always liked those skinny drop trousers. These here are super soft and tight around the lower legs in order to slim off the physique. Combined with white sneakers the lower part, in my opinion, was perfect. This shirt, which has also been mentioned in the “5 Must Haves” had to be worn again. Especially for a day like this, were it is not too warm not too cold and you can opt for an extra layer instead of bulking up with a jumper and a scarf. Due to its heavy material, Ralph Lauren really did keep me warm, and that is not just a phrase. The leather jacket is also from Ralph and vintage.

Recently, I have found my passion for hats. Since I am very keen of pumping up outfits with extra details, this is something every man should try. This particular one is by Borsalino, and in an amazing green. It works really well with the dark accents of the shirt and therefore was a real no brainer. The brand is world renowned for making amazing products, and this is just on example. A hat is really versatile. You can wear it to pretty much everything as long as you watch out for the color. Admitting, not everyone looks good in a hat, I am not even sure it fits me… However, no one has told me otherwise, and besides even if they did, I would still do it as I think hats are bad ass.

Thats all for today, there will be another blog post tomorrow in the life style section.

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If you want to know how to get amazing ankles like me, its hard work but drop me a mail hahah 😉

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