Here we are, new week. New Goals. New ways to make home office fun…Good news! Spring has officially arrived. The climate is hitting double digits and we turned our clocks an hour forward. Less sleep but longer days! I think that is a good compromise. One thing that will have to go though is warmer fabrics, knitwear, socks (happy about that though), and coats.

One thing I see over and over again in our little classic menswear bubble (#imnotalone) is the incorporating of different styles into one look. Personally, I find the Asian community does it best. The likes of Shuhei Nishiguchi, Kamoshita and many others, always find a way to add some “Stile Americaine” into their otherwise superb combos. By that I mean, for example a college jacket, or a base cap. Even a regimental tie or wider fitting trousers, comes into play to make it more interesting and I believe; fun.

Over the past months, I tried very subtly, to incorporate my own versions of mixing styles. It was…interesting 😅. There is a fine line to dressing up and still staying true to oneself whilst not looking too much like a clown. Therefore, small steps have to be taken in order to “groove” oneself into the mood so to speak.

I’ve always enjoyed the “preppy” or “college” style that was so famously introduced by Ralph Lauren. The mix of color, the elegance between a flannel trouser and a rugby shirt, the ability to create a story around it, catches my eye. If you’re interested about the history of Ralph Lauren, you can read more here.

My own version of “mixing different styles” comes in the form of a casual look that I’ve worn quite a few times, but never really presented. Let’s keep it short. That way, you can all go back to your favorite Series on Netflix…

The cap and the Converse are the most significant change on this rather smart/casual look. However, that is the whole point of this ensemble! It should be elegant, showcase a bit of a difference and above all else, not to be too serious. There are so many blogs out there focusing on “How to do this”- “you shouldn’t do that”, it might just be about time to break some rules and just go for it!

The sports coat has gotten a lot of wear this season and will be reviewed shortly. Made by a young and ambitious tailor in Rome. Gabriele Corvino, creates garments with a very individual style that is not like any other on the market. The versatility of the pattern together with this striking soft flannel by Fox Brothers makes this a nice option for more casual pieces as well as adding a tie for more sophistication.

Last but not least, the high waisted RTW trouser prototype by Massura. A generous cut through the leg with a classic waistband and double pleats. Cut from a sturdy mid-grey flannel, these trouser serve well during the colder months and are quickly becoming a go-to item in my wardobe. The major difference between this model and others on the market, is… you guessed it, a high waist! Many brands still don’t understand what “high-waisted” means. However, Moritz knows and created a trouser he thinks can bridge the gap between medium-high and high waisted trousers. A niche product for sure! But one that can make a nice addition to any man’s wardrobe looking for a higher waist in today’s market.

There you have it. Slightly longer than expected but I hope it was worth it. Let me know if you have any questions, concerns or changes you want to make to this particular style.



Items worn:

Baseball Cap- RRL 
Sports Coat- Gabriele Corvino (Bespoke)
Shirt- Drake's Oxford Striped "Easy Day"
Trouser- Massura RTW
Sneaker- Converse 70's edition