Oversizing is the way to go! Or so I have heard… It is the ultimate fashion statement this year. Every runway show this year had something oversized in their product portfolio. So why is that? Is it cool, does it make a look more unique? We surely will find out.

Have I told you about Snobtop? Probably have… Its one of those online stores that you keep the tab open for and just check the constant status of products you want to purchase. You know what I mean? Its a favorite! The boys got it all figured out and so, they have an up to date knowledge of what you need in your current wardrobe. From coats down to accessories, there is ought to be something for every person. Each of these products are thoroughly explained and every once in a while you can find an in depth blog post on their page about how to improve your styling. Therefore I would say, go check them out! It will be worth your and their while 😏.

Back to oversized matters…

This year “oversized” gained a whole new meaning. Trousers, shirts, jackets and of course jumpers have been spotted everywhere around the world. I mean we know why. Oversized also means comfortable, cool and casual. Nothing says it better than an oversized jumper and a pair of joggers on a Sunday morning, and don’t forget the coffee darlin!

I am actually a big fan of those so called “grandpa” knits. This particular one is also pretty big and should most likely be worn casually. However, me being me, a slightly more outrageous, over the top kinda look is of course logical. The cardigan is by Howlin and can be found in the Snobtop online shop. The color palette used, was more to complement the knit and therefore a light brown and grey look was perfect for the occasion. The pattern in the jacket and vest worked really well into the outfit and added a nice harmonious touch. The denim shirt underneath, added a bit of a contrast and showed some color in the overall monotone look. I like these kind of outfits that show a bit of a contrast to the rather common styles out there. Everyone has their own way of dressing. However, the beauty of it is, you can check out their style and try and implement a few pieces into your own profile. Try it out and let me know how it went…

This concludes my little oversized talk. As we all know, pictures speak louder than words! Have a look at my way of styling this cardigan.

For further information, head over to Snobtop to check it out.




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