Milano Milano oh how I love you Milano❤️. I don’t say this often about a city or even a country, but I am in love and I mean it. The food is great, the city is great and the people are great. A weekend spent here at the Starhotels Echo was just what I needed.

It’s Milano Fashion Week for Women. A busy time for designers, models, stars, and influencers. Everyone has their role to play. Some make sure everything fits, some walk, some talk and others just sit in front of their phone snapping or instagraming the current trends of the season. Honestly, I would love to see it first hand, and maybe I will some day, for now, I’m just a bistander admiring it from afar.

Todays outfit was modern/casual, definetly Italian. I love the sligthly deeper pants with a pattern and if they have a high cuff or other extra details the better. The more the merrier some would say 😅. I kept it simple, nothing to out of line, a clean pair of fringe monks by Santoni, a nice blue sport jacket to compliment the trousers and a white shirt. See! Nothing too loud but still pretty different none the less. To make it even better, a nice light colored pair of jeans would’ve done the trick as well.

The coat has been mentioned tons already so just quickly, it works super well with the dark green pattern of the trousers and gives off a more relaxed vibe.

Now back in the hotel and getting ready to hit the clubs of Milano. The plan is not to drink tooo much in order to enjoy an amazing brunch tomorrow (lets be honest, the only reason we come to hotels in the first place, all you can eat brunch!!!)

I made a little project here in Milan. If you havent seen it already, check out my Instagram stories!

Have a good Satruday night!




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