Jean Paul Gaultier,

One of the most famous and most creative designers of all time has had his life’s work projected into an exhibition. With his vivid imagination and unmistakable creativity he transforms his clothes in to wearable pieces of art.

Jean Paul Gaultier hosted his life work in form of an exhibition which was presented all around the work for several months at a time. It is not only interesting for fashion lovers but a general education focusing on one of the most famous people of the industry.


Mr. Gaultier was born on the 24th of April 1952 in Arcueil, France. He is famous for reinventing the corsage and changing current trends into single outfits and collections. His first bra, yes bra, was made out of pappmache, a sticky waterbased substance, which was for his teddybear Nana. His grandmother, whom he embodied in many styles of his to come, saw his raw talent for feminine beauty and supported him as much as she could. Jean Paul Gaultier, although being very creative, was never a good student or athlete. In an interview he said ” there was never something I was really good at…”. At the age of 13, he saw the renowned movie “Falbalas” where a man falls in love with a muse. This movie kept on inspiring him until today. For your information, his very first collection was created for his mother and his grandmother as these two women were his inspiration and most important supporters. One year later, he decided to send his sketches to various designers to find out their opinion. Pierre Cardin was amongst the receivers and so impressed what he saw that he brought Gaultier into the company as his personal assistant


Did you know that his perfume shapes for women, were based on the sillouhettes of his mother?

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to witness for myself what creativity really meant for Gaultier. His vivid creations and Haute Couture pieces were fascinating and weird at the same time. The corsage was ever popular within his designs for women as well as for men. His sense of adapting to trends popular during his time and modernizing them really showed me and pretty sure many others how fashion forward he was. His designs were not only rare but also hand made (Haute Couture). Some of his designs took more than 700 hours whilst his most fascinating peace took 1600 hours. The pieces he made, looking at them from far away seemed to be from the most luxurious leathers and feathers, however, coming closer you realized many of his pieces were made of detailed hand sown beads forming a whole leopard dress. His love for details has no limits…

As I wandered through the halls many things I didn’t know about  him became more visible. For example, he was a aspiring film maker with renowned movies such as 5th Element (1997) starring Bruce Willis, Mila Jovovich and Chris Tucker. I have never seen the movie, but the customs in this film are highly futuristic and all made by… well you can guess. Furthermore, many of his pieces were worn by renowned singers such as by Madonna, who was and still is one of his biggest fans. She wore his corsages and dresses to her life shows being one of the first singers to ever use her stage animated and stars copying her extravagant shows such as Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. Mr. Gaultier is an inspiration for many and showed the world what extravagance really means. His love for the unordinary made him the icon he is today. His clothes, sometimes impossible to picture worn in real life and his haute couture pieces make his runway shows that much more amazing.

Walking through the exhibition was an amazing experience and I hope with the pictures I am showing you, you can see a bit of what Jean Paul Gaultier has given the world of fashion. It is his inspiration that has changed the way designers present their collection and singers dress up in unwearable outfits that look to crazy but yet have their ring to it.

Enjoy the read and the pictures.




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