When you think of typical english “machismo” and a brut force with a hint of gentleman behaviour, there is no one better to discribe than Jason Statham. You have propably all seen one or two of his movies, I have… most likely all of them! Today the inspiration lies in the outfit, since my body is way better than his 😜

It all started with “Transporter”, where he drives a black Audi A8 through the streets of Nice. ” I got 3 rules, 1. Dont change the deal. 2. No Names. 3. Never open the package!” For some reason, he doesnt really follow his rules, in any of the films 😂. Any how, Statham doesnt have a well dressed character in any of his films, maybe in “Snatch” or “Parker”, but that is because of all the acrobatic movements, he would need something a bit more strechy to cope with the drama. However, there is one particular outfit that caught my eye and I always wanted to try it myself. It isnt much and is only worn for about 5 minutes in the movie of the first “Transporter”. Try not to stare at the big fucking gun in the picture but see his Polo and double pleated pants, a real killer look if you ask me.


I too tried this combination, updated it a bit but the polo is the main focus here. Made out of pure linen, it is the perfect fabric for the summer months and in a tighter fit even enhances your phiysique due to its tigther fit on top. Continued, a pair of white trousers with one pleat are coming close to what he is wearing in the scene. The shoes, well his are slightly more “English” but still a loafer. Mine are Italian and by Santoni, one of my go-to brands when it comes to shoes. To top it off, a good, strong, ripped (some would argue otherwise) body and a know-how in martial arts (watched UFC a couple of times, I know my way around).

So what do you think? Transporter material? Will go out and find myself a ride. Dont forget… Never change the deal ✌️💪

Have a good end to your weekend ane start fresh tomorrow.




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