Hi guys,

Its been a while… I know, I usually write quiet a lot over a week but right now, business is crushing me plus making all the right moves to get TDC to a better stand point. Bare with me but right now lets get back to why we are really here… to check out me in front of a camera! 

If you know and follow me, you might have realized that I really focus on mixing two styles together. A couple of years or so now, I have been slowly upgrading my sneaker game. They are mostly just from one brand (guess which one) but why change a winning system? To mix and match, that is the future of classic menswear in my opinion. You wouldn’t see me step out without a blazer but you might see me in more casual bottoms. In this case I have chosen to take a classic example of a leisure Sunday look for me. This is one I go out with, meet friends and still look like I made an effort.

For some, spruzzatura means to do things without a lot of stress or effort, well trust me when I say this, it almost always is a well thought out combination made to look like it was done in 5 min. In my case, I started with the socks, went over to the blazer and after half an hour, more like an hour (my girl already exploding with anger) I have made a simple look that is just the right amount of cool and stylish.

Lets head into the details…

My hat is by varsityheadwear, a brand that I met a couple of months ago being totally amazed by their quality and design. Think of a classic cappie, the one you wore at school with the Ralph Lauren logo on it or just the logo of some American football or basketball team you didn’t know about. Now think high quality  flannel or linen from Italian mills. Now morph those together and you get… the perfect symbiosis of a hat!!! You will find this brand located in Munich, Theatinerstrasse.

The turtleneck, in the exactly the same color as the hat, is by Limerius. A brand that I grew fond of and have supported since they launched. An amazing brand dedicated to high quality and amazing designs! Absolutely love the turtleneck as it is not too snug and not to wide. As a result, also this, a perfect symbiosis of style and quality.

The rest you have seen and in constant use in my wardrobe! I was super happy with the pictures. Let me know what you think! Enjoy your evening ✌😁