Happy New Year Folks!

We are back and are entering a new year! I for one already treated myself with a casual hospital visit because of a thumb injury. Dont worry, nothing serious, I got an awesome protecting glove so moved swiftly through into a new year. 2017, Lets start it with a bang!

Any New Year Resolutions then? Those that feel really good at first, telling everybody that you are going to pull it off and feel confident that THIS is the YEAR, were you will successfully tackle them. I will say Good Luck to you as I am not a sceptic person at all 😉 Just make sure you keep them alive for at least 1 week so they feel real.

With a new year, we also start with a new blog post and what better way to start into January but by taking a walk at the lake. Winter and christmas time didnt really bring those snow storms and frozen lakes, more a comfortable temperature rise with some cold winds. Today this was it and allowed for some casual attire.

Taking on some new colors for this new year too. Started with a mix of brown, grey and green and found that this combination of colors might be something worth looking at in more elegant outfits. Today however, I chose a thick cashmere blend jacket I inherited from my dad (Noting beats cashmere in winter!). In addition to the jacket to keep them pecks warm I wore a white simple tee and my beloved flannel shirt that has been a trusty friend through colder days. To spice up the look, the grey denim with some patches did the trick. They are by Eleventy and are from the current F/W 16 collection.

Funnily enough these boots have been in my possession for as little as 2 years but have managed to see day light exactly once! hahah so 2017 will start with some refueled shoe love. Hope this casual outfit brings you some ideas for some of the colder days to come. Here in Germany, snow is being predicted for the rest of this week. So lets embrace it fully!!!

Lets make it a stylish 2017! Enjoy…





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