We are coming to an end of a very very hot Monday afternoon. After a nice weekend with friends around and of course a great night yesterday with Portugal becoming the new European Champion, I am still with little sleep. Today, there was no way, of wearing a blazer and even dark colors called for a suicide move.

How was your weekend fellas? Mine was incredible. Had a couple of friends over for a nice barbecue and some football in the sun. I mean with 31 degrees outside, there is little you can do other than sweating and tanning, probably both at the same time with no break. However, we had a lot of fun and I am looking forward to another weekend with such a great company of people.

We come to the outfit now which was captured beautifully by my good friend Nikolas.

This shirt steals the show completely. Mauro Viviani is the man of the hour. For a long time, I have tried to find something similar to tropical shirts. However, I never found something wearable and didn’t want to look like someone who just returned from a Hawaii vacation, you get me? The design is impeccable and the fit, well, the fit is perfectomundo!!! Mr. Viviani really knows his shirts and how they are meant to fit. For this particular pattern, you really need to tone down the rest of the outfit to make the flowers really pop out and direct the attention to the shirt. I paired it with dark blue suit trousers which had to be slightly darker to the upper part. With some simple and very elegant white sneakers from my favorite brand Santoni, elevating the foot game immensely, the outfit is complete forming a casual yet sophisticated look. Perfect for the summer days I think!

There is something new to this outfit as well. The crazy glasses from Mauro Viviani. His accessories collection really has kicked off and I am proud to show you these today. The frames are simple amazing. Not the regular type glasses you would find in a store and that is why I like them so much. The red lenses, add a nice bit of “badass” flavor to the outfit.The sun glasses  are designed and made in Italy and therefore outstanding quality.

I wish you a good start to a new week. Work hard and play harder people, thats the way to go! 😉

What I wore:

  • Sunglasses- Mauro Viviani
  • Shirt- Mauro Viviani
  • Trousers- Neil Barrett
  • Shoes- Santoni





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