These trousers in the past years have had a tremendous impact on the sartorial world, in fact, in the fashion world. 

The trouser originates from the elite unite of the same name, Gurkah who came into conflict with the East Indian Company of the British empire around 1814 in the Kingdom of Gorkah. Despite overwhelming forces, the Gurkha troops did not surrender and even after food was diminished and overall resources used up, they fought their way out and managed to escape into their well known territory. Gurhkas were feared soldiers due to their intelligence and knowledge of terrain, the British forces respected them and so after overwhelming them by the number of soldiers, they set up a treaty called the Treaty of Sugauli, which allowed the British army to recruit Gurkha soldiers till this day. 

With this alliance also came the introduction to the Gurkah trouser. They were distinctive with a specific buckling system that involved both sides and usually featured double pleats. Modified by the military, Gurkha trousers came in all shapes and sizes but kept their enlarged waistband and more relaxed fit. 

Now you know a bit about the trouser history and the people that wore them. Now let me tell you my own opinion of this rather interesting model. 

If we speak about Gurkha pants, we almost always will find a picture related to them in the style of Rubinacci signiture Manny trouser. I have admired Luca Rubinacci for a while, always wearing his style rather loose and a bit more relaxed. A very talented third generation Tailoring House with a taste of the past, reinterpreted in modern ways. When I think of these trousers, I think of an Instagram picture taken by Luca Rubinacci wearing the white Manny trouser, red striped shirt and a navy blazer. Super classic, very stylish with a relaxed fit to round of this rather perfect look in my opinion. 

From that moment on, I wanted a pair of those and wanted them to sit like his trousers do. When we fast forward a year, my wardrobe now features three of these bad boys. A pair of white, brown and grey are my current go-to trousers for a nice ensemble in a more relaxed nature. From my own experience, I can tell you that Gurkha trousers are fucking awesome. They look cool, you believe your cool whilst others stare at you trying to figure out how the hell you are going to manage to go to the bathroom to conduct your business. And therein lies the first real problem I have encountered. I have been testing these trousers for little over 3 months now, and have worn them with pretty much anything my wardrobe has to offer. When it comes to taking them off and on, you might as well tell your girlfriend to order dessert as you might be a while… In the beginning your fine with it and you tell yourself that you will get used to it. The fact of the matter is, you wont. Not because it would be possible but because you wont have so many types of these trousers in your wardrobe and therefore most likely only wear them on special occasions or at times where it might be something different than your day to day wear. 

If I had to choose between a classic trouser with side adjuster or a Gurkah trouser in the style of the Rubinacci tailoring house, I would go for the classics every time. It is like I said, a classic. You wont go wrong and you will be able to wear them for a very long time if they fit well. I have come to the conclusion, that this style is one that might be here for a while, but wont be long lived. It is simple too inconvenient for the modern man to purchase a tone of these styled trousers. As much as I appreciate Luca Rubinaccis style and most likely will still check him out, these types of trousers are not for me. I have 3 now… I don’t need anymore! 

To all of those who want to try them. Please do! They are awesome and definitely will bring some change into your wardrobe guaranteed. It is all matter of perspective and with this being a review and my own opinion, this is totally legal I swear.

Now lets discuss! Give me your thoughts in the comments below.



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