No I haven’t seen “50 Shades of Grey” and probably never will… However, the title is probably the most used in the social media world and has been renamed a million times. Therefore, I thought, there is definitely room for a Don to use this title as well. I even added a few letters! Let’s see what makes this title so special.

Quiet recently, I purchased my first ever pinstriped suit! You automatically feel like back in the sixties in the midst of Michael Corleone and the Mafia families. However, back to reality, we would probably not see a suit like this in any category of business. It is mainly worn (my opinion) CEOs and people in the banking industry at special occasions. I for one, if I where a CEO, would wear a pinstripe suit any given day!!! I mean, if Conor McGregor can rock a “Fuck You” pinstripe suit, so can we.

I said it like a million times but the suit is reentering a new era. Many brands are reinterpreting it on the runway and so presenting something wearable in their collection. It has become so desired, that the women collections produce suits in feminine silouhettes which lets you think twice about leaving the suit behind for a night out or a business meeting.

Pinstripe can be dressed down very well I think. It is a very fashionable statement by wearing a pair of clean sneakers to a shorter pair of trousers of the suit. I took out my Royal Republiq sneakers I purchased a few days ago at Saks of Fifth Avenue. If you ever get the chance to be in one of their stores, take your time, look around and maybe you will find the designer piece you always wanted with a very attractive price. To finish it all of on the top, a nice dark blue turtle neck to make sure the one blue colors stays true to the title 👍.

Honestly, suits in patterns can make a massive difference in your closet! Even just a jacket can make a significant change in the overall appearance you want to go for. Don’t shy away from bold patterns! They can make GREAT first impressions if worn well 😏✌️.




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