Evening folks! Another Tuesday and another start to a week… The routine just keeps repeating itself. Good thing about fashion is, you decide when to switch it up. You get to choose to look different everyday making that routine a bit more lively. One thing that I cannot live with out in the morning (and Im sure many of you think the same) is my “morning” coffee. 

I like my coffee black, no sugar, and very hot. Some would say, boring, or tend to grab a cappuccino instead. Honestly, when I played rugby, my team mates used to say that you would loose weight faster due to the metabolic benefits of caffeine. Since that is like music to my ears, I have been drinking black coffee ever since 😁. I know, I’m gullible like that!

To keep it short today, lets go straight into the details of the look…

One thing I won’t leave without, is a pocket square. In recent years, my funky way of putting in a pocket square has evolved backwards. Instead of randomgly let it “fluff the fuck out”, I tend to carefully adjust it in the pocket to give it the clean look it supposed to have.

20180128_TDC_ 44

My favorite color, well you know it already! It’s blue! In my opinion the most versatile color a man can have in his wardrobe. The possibilities with blue tones is immense and gives plenty opportunity to create new looks with the same color. Favorites would include, dark blue jumper or cardigan and a royal blue suit. Some color options to play around with if you have too many 😏✌️.

The beauty here is, that blue tones work so well together. This means you can wear blue tumbled altogether IF (and the IF is massive) the combination is right.

20180128_TDC_ 37

Shirt tucked out and a dark blue jumper together with a double breasted blazer and a take-away coffee from Starbucks is the right way to perform sprezzatura 😏. The only nonchalance taken here is the nervous “pull up your pants move” when Philipp, my photographer, is taking the picture. Everything else is put together the way I like it.

Hopefully you do too!

If you want to purchase this outfit, head over to Suitsupply if you live in Munich or any where else in the world, all items are still available ✌️

Im getting back to my Tuesday movie session! Let me know what you think about this outfit in the comments below.


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