A Dream came true for me today. I had the privilege to stand amongst most of the instagram icons and influencers in the mens fashion world. An experience that I will treasure for years to come. I have already decided to return for the summer edition of Pitti  Uomo. One word, AMAZING…

Where to start… It all started yesterday night when I was invited to LuisaViaRoma after party with Kelly Rowland. Never had the experience before and loved it. Today, JJ and me got ready for the first day of Pitti. Let me tell you something about Jojo (@jj88fashionist), when it comes to clothing and tailoring, there is no other! And lucky for me, I finally found someone who packs more than me for one week. Honestly, between us two, we could create enough outfits for years to come… Thats not a joke. Jojo  called me before Pitti and told me to take no more than 6 outfits with me, we both ended up with at least double 😂.

At Pitti, after arguing with the reception for the varification of the website, we finally entered the fair. Man oh Man, this is menswear heaven! Everything you see is for the modern man. The biggest trade fair for us gents! The best however is the square at Foretella da Bazzo. Right in the middle, mingle fashion influencers, designers, peacocks, desperate housewives and bloggers for a seat in front of the cameras of the countless best selling photographers in street style. Yours truly was of course amongst them fighting to be recognized, but meeting the people in the process was the main goal and it worked well I think.

For the first day of #Pitt91, I wore my beloved checked navy suit by Suitsupply. A simple yet effective way to show class without too much bullshit 😏. The secondary color of today was bordeaux. Socks harmonizing with a vintage tie and to calm it down a nice crisp white shirt by Eton. A green Borsalino hat for some extra color play and a cream coat by Boggi to make the ensemble a bit more spiky.

What do you think? More pictures will follow on Instagram and Facebook.

Stay tuned,



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