“Manners Maketh Man” … We will change this famous quote spoken by Colin Firth in the Film “Kingsman” to “Details Maketh Man”. Because this series is all about details and where to find them in a outfit.

Personally I could talk about this all day but if you are a visualist like me, pictures should speak louder than words. This series is based upon my passion for details. Therefore, keep in mind that it is my own interpretation and an approach for you to maybe consider it one day. Here are some of the best detail shots in the web, I hope you like them as much as I do.


Details 8

Bracelets are ornamental bands or circles for the wrist, arm or in extreme occasions around the foot. If you have seen my outfit posts I rarely go without bracelets. They are very informal in bulk but look equally smart when they are put around the wrist individually. In the picture above you see the well dressed Style Icon Lino Ieluzzi sporting a fine combination of black, beige and blue. It can be assumed that since the blue bracelet matches his reading glasses that his other bracelets may also in some cases match with other clothes he is wearing in this picture. Color matching is a good move when buying bracelets (black shoes=black bracelets, for example). The details here matter. Personally, I find it easier to combine bracelets with equal thickness, this is because when wearing similar sizes you still get a hormonal structure flowing through your wrist wear and won’t look to disruptive. The point here is that, although you wear a suit, blazer or tailored trousers it is a great accessory to loosen up the professional idea in the outfit and make it more casual. Automatically you will see how different the whole approach is to what you are wearing. Try it out and notice the difference.

Details 13Details 1details


Details 34

Ties are the modern gentleman go to attire when it comes to business, events, and for some the extra bit of detail. Mostly you find ties on men who are in a job were it is required to wear it. But who said that wearing a tie must be professional? Change it up and make the tie not a “must have” but a “go to” product. For instance, in a bank it is usually required to wear a blue or grey suit, black shoes or brown in some cases. Choose a color that lightens up the suit, for example a nice light blue printed tie and a complimentary white pocket square. Even that changes the dark color of the suit. Some colors make the suit stand out and some make it more causal for instance a knitted tie. In some cases, and you often see that on older men (simply because they are experts in that field) wearing ties on more casual occasions. For example if you take a look underneath, the man in the suede jacket eased up the already casual outfit with a denim shirt and a thick wool tie. It can make a whole difference especially in a world where fashion and style is ever evolving. Try to stick to classics, sometimes at least.

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