The clouds are thick this afternoon over Munich, casting a dimming light on this beautiful city whilst “yours truly” is sitting inside trying to figure out how to plan his day… Its going great so far…

Sitting at home without family around and no one to talk to, gets quiet boring and lonely. So what do you do as a young man? Well, there is the matter of sitting on the couch watching your favorite series all day until you completely and utterly finished it and wasted about 100000 hours doing so. Then there is of course the “What should I cook for lunch or should I order in, although I just bought food for the whole week?” and then there course there is the dilemma with getting ready and dressed for the day or just stay in pajamas and relax, on a Monday!!!!!

Back to the outfit…

I know I am literally abuse this suit jacket but give me a break, I find so many things matching it (ok I sound like a woman now…) pairing it with my newest addition, a denim vest. Denim is so versatile and brands such as Eleventy do a great job by integrating many styles into their collection. This vest is an eye catcher and automatically does the talking. In order to tone down the outfit I paired it with my suede loafers by Meermin Mallorca and a similar colored pocket square. My iPhone case is by Wood’d and I leave it to you to guess what it is made of.

I will put a link to all my clothes I am wearing underneath. I haven’t found a plug-in that allows me to show pictures and go-to links. If any one has suggestion please comment.

Pictures by my good friend Jonas. 



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