A beautiful day out in Munich, Germany, the belly button of Europe, whatever you wanna call it! Anyhow, any Munich based blogger, food-lover, sports fan or tourist would agree that the legendary Hofgarten at Odeonsplatz makes one hell of a location for a love pic or just a few posing opportunities.

I know this might sound weird but… I like to try and dress up everyday. Not only because of my job but also to remind myself that the first impressions do make it count. Now I know we all love the t-shirt, sneakers and jogger type look. I don’t judge, in fact, I do have a few of those in my closet. However, in most situation yours truly would rather grab the shirt and a pair of slacks before a t-shirt and ripped jeans. Maybe its the way I was brought up. The point im trying to make (although drifting off ever so fast cause I talk to fucking much…), is that dressing well is a matter of choice and can be combined in a “cool” way.

For me, a blazer is the most versatile sartorial garment we men possess. You can wear it with a shirt and tie and a grey pair of pants accompanied with of course polished brogues or just suede loafers. On the other hand, you can wear a cream blazer for a change with a subtle pattern and pair it with chocolate brown (and I do mean the milk chocolate kind 😏) and light denim. The denim ensures the look to be casual yet, you gotta watch out for the fit. If it is not tailored the denim looks sloppy if it is to wide. Roll them up for a more relaxed approach.

Recently, the army boot has really caught my eye and so, my alter ego forced me to purchase one that goes with absolutely EVERYTHING I have in the closet. A dark brown suede boot slightly higher than the ankle. For me, the fit is key here. It has to be worn tight so that it is possible to wear them under a suit trouser or, as featured here, under  tight denim jeans. You see that they are tight, because my big fat thighs have trouble breathing in those skinny ass jeans…

Last but not least, a checked wool shirt for a “free spirit” vibe. Casual shirts should be a bit shorter so it can be worn outside of the trouser. I do tend to like them longer as this though, in order to have both options at hand.

Enough said for today! Lets let pictures and the color mix speak for itself. I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to rock the new week.