Man oh Man, this week has given me the shivers but now I am checked in and ready to rumble. After all, we have the weekend upon us! Any plans? I am ready to wonder off again into some other city this country has to offer, but hitting the end of the month… well lets put it this way, the pockets aint that full anymore 😅.

January was a quiet exciting month for me. Not only was it my birthday, turning my old ass even older (24), hardly a life changing number but you get the idea. Then I fulfilled a childhood dream, stand amongst the hottest most influential men and women of the fashion industry. Pretty damn awesome if you think about it (for me at least 😄). Then there was the weekend trip to Bolzano which turned my perspective and made me fall in love even more with this country. Let me tell you, it was all quiet exciting. Traveling, getting to know more people, attend events, its all pretty addicting and I can’t help but say that I am looking forward to what more 2017 has to offer. Be sure to follow, I might surprise you and definitely myself on this journey ✌️.

Now let me talk about myself again, I heard I’m pretty good at it 😂. Jokes a side lets be serious…

Tis the season of warm clothes and keeping warm is something we should all master in a time like this. When you see people outside (going to be super biased now) teenagers, in their white sneakers, rolled up jeans wearing no socks… You have my permission to shoot them ✌️. Someone has to teach them a lesson🦉. Wearing socks is a GOOD thing, listen to Uncle Will, he aint as stupid as he looks. Other than that, do what you gotta do.

Moving on, I first presented this beauty at Pitti and have to say, I am super pleased with the result. I have found out (as many influencers would agree) that it won’t hurt to have a couple of patterned blazers in your wardrobe, if you have a suit, even better, you can use it in many different ways. The pattern makes it more versatile, flexible so to speak. It allows us to pair colors to it such as a pair of slim fit jeans and a dotted wool tie. Due to the same fabric of the tie, it goes rather well with the blazer. Believe it or not, a wool tie can even give some what of a protection against the cold, but it isn’t for everyone. Best paired in a more casual ensemble as to a business outfit, the fabric is too thick.

I really don’t have to speak about coats, its cold outside! Get one!

As to shoes. Every man for himself. You should have the basics down, brown and black. If you have that, the choice is yours on what to wear. Just make sure to treat them properly, they can last you a long time if cared for. This particular model is from Santoni FW16and in a 3 on 1 brown shade which has numerous possibilities to be paired with.

Combinations are endless and don’t have to be found in purchasing new items. Sometimes, looking over the things you have can surprise you on what you can come up with.

Any questions? Feel free to comment or drop me an e-mail ✌️.




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