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To Pleat Or Not To Pleat?

Pleats or No Pleats? This is a well sought out discussion in many menswear forums and style journals around the world. Therefore we think it is only fair if we join the battle, giving this topic the spotlight it deserves. For…

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5 Shirts to the Key of Success

The other day I browsed through the articles of well known Style connoisseur and sartorial spokesman Permantstyle, and came across a rather interesting article. The article mentioned a shirt guide and which ones should be in your wardrobe. Lets see…

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George Cortina

Good Morning Peeps and happy Sunday. I felt like the ‘Style Icon’ section deserved a comeback and a little update. I am pleased to have found just the guy to make that comeback with. His name, George Cortina. His occupation, Stylist…

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A Dream Come True

A Dream came true for me today. I had the privilege to stand amongst most of the instagram icons and influencers in the mens fashion world. An experience that I will treasure for years to come. I have already decided…