Sundays… actually a day that you mainly use to get up late, eat breakfast at around 13:00 and try to get over your hangover from last nights party affairs. This is one of those Sundays, therefore, I will show you a look I took earlier this week on my day off.

Day offs are great, you get the chance to recover and head into work the next day sort of fresh. My day off work was on Friday and it was a good one. 30 something degrees and impeccable blue sky. Perfect day therefore to wear a pair of vintage shorts by none other than Polo Ralph Lauren. Double pleats, giving a very relaxed fit to a some what elegant pair of shorts.

Camoflague has actually gone out of style as it seems but I couldnt help but wear an oversized army jacket to give the outfit a more rebellious touch. I have realised that those outfit combinations of a more casual nature are actually not bad. Adding a bit of tailoring here and there makes the outfit still quite unique in a way, as todays society is still following the “army trend”in short, wearing the most up to date trend and following each other, hence the word “army”.

A pair of Santoni fringe monks and a similar colored Polo shirt by Fedeli, finishes my Friday attire and is a perfect city look to show off a bit of style. My Iphone case with  my initials on it is from Artell Accessories. Head over to their website to get your own signed case for a more individual touch 💪.

Im resuming my “onthecouchwatchingmoviesallday” Sunday ritual and will let you guys look at the pictures that Philip took of me. Let me know what you think.




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