How are y’all doin? Hope you had a great weekend and now stepping on it for the week ahead. We will start Monday with simple look that speaks for itself… Sophisticated with an individual twist!

Blue is the color of the gentleman! No wonder that business men choose it for work and events were it is necessary to give off a certain vibe of sophistication. Here at The Dons Club, we make our own mind towards this color and give it a little spin off. Today together with Thomas Earnshaw, a watch that clearly screams for attention 💪

I really dig thick stripes at the moment. This is because you don’t see them that often. Most would rather choose a thinner striped shirt as it is easier to pair. I agree, BUT, keep the rest of the outfit simple and use a color visible in the shirt and what you get is a harmonious look that turns heads but keeps it stable so to speak 😜 We ain’t trying to become peacocks here! My made to measure suit comes into good use here by combining the trouser into the look. To not enter into the song “Blue” by Eiffel 65, my Santoni Carlos double monk slipper splits the total blue look and keeps the focus in balance.

My watch is by Thomas Earnshaw, a great piece of art in my opinion. Leather strap in blue, with a blue dial in a moon phase optic! I will go more into detail in the next post on Wednesday with another combination ✌️

What do you think of this look? Share your Ideas and let me know your opinion! Always happy to share thoughts.

Wish you all a successful week.




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