Yesterday was an epic day for me as I had the opportunity to meet some of the greatest watch brands in the world of watch making. Everyone knows (if not, now you do) that Swiss watchers are amongst the leading brands in the luxury watch business. Whilst the Germans decided to be good at building cars and creating the best beer, the Swiss concentrated on watches and chocolate.

I will try and keep it as short as possible…

As this is a business watch fair it was only appropriate to dress accordingly. Striped suit, white shirt and tie and some well polished tassel loafers where the weapon of choice for today.

Upon arrival and being right on time for once (felt pretty important I guess) the first meeting started with the staff of Breguet. A luxury watch maker in the category Haute de Horologie founded by Abraham Louis Breguet in 1775. Stunning pieces of art, is their forte and amongst its owners are some of the most significant people in History. From Napoleon Bonaparte (owning three) to Georg IV King of England to Winston Churchill, all had a Breguet to resemble their power and influence. And then there was me, holding a 450,000 CHF in my hand. The most expensive piece I held in my hand so far.


During the course we met up with a couple of other brands as well as the other luxury watch making giant Blancpain. For those of you who don’t know, Blancpain was bought by Jean Claude Biver in the 70s for a small price of 22,000 CHF which he completely renewed and rebuilt and sold it later to the Swatch Group for several millions. Blancpain today is a liberator of the sea wild life. With its vision and support of various governments, it tries to protect the untouched environment with aid of the military. From that collection the model Fifty Fathoms caught my eye (its the black one with the nato strap) Of course there also was a one of a kind piece… I will let you figure out which one (160,000 CHF).


The absolute highlight for me (as well as seeing the new Rolex Daytona) was the Tag Heuer stand and meeting a big inspiration of mine. Jean Claude Biver, an entrepreneur of the highest class spoke to us and afterwards I got the chance to exchange some words with him personally. An upstanding, hardworking man who’s dedication for success continues to teach others to do the same. Tag Heuer, Hublot and Blancpain are just proof of what this man has achieved. He is the Steve Jobs in the watch industry and is respected as such. A true inspiration to us all.

“Don’t be a dead fish, dead fish swim with the current whilst a live fish swims against it.” – Jean Claude Biver


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I had so many pictures but I thought I would take the best ones.