Happy bank holiday,

A beautiful sunny day on a bank holiday here in Germany. Although I am at home at my desk working for the last week of my Bachelor program, I cannot help wanting to go outside and enjoy the sun, which has finally blessed us with her presence. 

Camouflage… a pretty amazing pattern. Although it is recognized by the army as their combat gear, it has found a place in many famous designer collections. Brands such as Valentino are reinterpreting the colors of the pattern and changing it up with bright hues such as yellow, orange or red. Here, I am wearing a very traditional patterned chino. I have worn it once before in a recent post last year. I just love it. It makes people heads turn, can look absolutely amazing if worn correctly and is not seen very often as trousers. Since summer is pretty much here, a light blazer in blue by Boggi Milano and a crisp white shirt by my buddy Mauro Viviani will just do the rest of the work.

Now to the shoes… I love shoes… I have many and if it was up to me, my shopping trips would consist of 70% shoe shopping. No joke, before I buy a pair of trousers (which probably are more important in that moment) I turn around hoping to find a shoe instead. In this case, it was this one. A sneaker hybrid with fringes and tassels by my favorite shoe brand Santoni. The material is fantastic and very comfortable to wear.  It feels like a glove around your feet. A very smooth leather, so soft that the sole is sown and glued to the top half of the shoe providing stability and extra details of quality. If you had shoes, were the sole is only glued and not sown, you know what I mean when I say that the shoe didn’t not last long. I have a feeling they will…

You can buy them from the main website. I will provide the link underneath.

NOTE: If you purchase shoes from Santoni, make sure to go down one size from your original.

What I wore:

  • Blazer- Boggi Milano
  • Shirt-Mauro Viviani
  • Trousers-Masons
  • Shoes- Santoni 




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