Spent a couple of days at home in Munich with friends and family. The weather here was as you could imagine, cold and frosty. Just as it should be in my opinion. People seem to not like winter and the cold. Well, as a fashionblogger or as a person who is interested in style and fashion, this time of year is experimentation time. Layering is the perfect way to combat the temperature drops in style.

The streets of Munich. What a calm sight. Full of people, a little bad at driving and an amazing vibe. All this is what I left behind for now, for Italy. Although, just being gone for 6 weeks, it is still amazing how much a city and its people have changed. People you haven’t seen in a long time, now want to drink a coffee and hear from you and vice versa. New buildings are being put up and restaurants, shops and bars are being introduced every week. It is a tough choice to leave all this behind, but exciting to start something new and tell about it. We live in a time where we have so much to see and visit. We should try, if it is in our power to see as much of this world as possible and enjoy everything it has to offer.

But don’t let me bore you with philosophy. Lets talk about style…

The coat, the clear statement piece of this outfit, was a successful purchase of one of my favorite brands. Boggi Milano, is a  brand which illustrates the essence of Italian elegance and that with a great quality and love for detail.  The coat is made from Colombo cashmere and super soft. The details on this coat will be shown more in detail in the next post, for now the focus is on the whole outfit. The trousers are in flannel blue and by PT01, another famous brand of Italian craftsmanship. They are slightly shorter in length and have an extra cuff of 5cm, just to my liking. Making the trousers a tick more elegant and yet a bit more interesting. To batter the cold, I chose a nice patterned turtle neck jumper or as the Italians call it “Dolce Vita“. This piece has found a way back into mens fashion and is regarded highly by the most respected designers. The blue and the grey, in my opinion are always a great choice and work well together.

Brown, Blue and Grey are colors we should always regard as go-to colors. They are the ground work of the winter wardrobe hues. Most of our clothing is depicted from these colors and work best in combination. This always helps me to decide what to go with and most brands do the same. Next time you go into a shop, look at their collection and how it is presented. You will notice a lot of dark colors and less bright ones.

Tonight a good friend of mine and I, are preparing to watch the Connor McGregor fight. The man might be arrogant and cocky but he’s got a hell of a punch and is ruthless in both speech and in the cage. I am definitely Team McGregor.

Enjoy your evening.





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