Good evening people! I am happy to announce a new product feature here on the blog. Amant Watches has contacted me to feature one of their amazing timepieces. To be honest, since I am a watch lover and care deeply for my classic timepieces, this beauty, I am about to show you is something that fits very well into what I consider a gentleman’s “Must-have”.

There are tons of watch brands out there, being featured by the top influencers of the industry, but only a few really hit it in my opinion.

Let me introduce you to Amant Watches!

The watch brand, founded in Sweden, values classic details and timeless essence. “As enthusiasts we love the art of watches and know it’s much more than a timekeeping instrument or even a fashion accessory.” It is a piece of art, something that will remain so for years to come.

There are two collections featured. The Explorer collection, focuses on everyday functionable watches with durable straps in diffirent colors. Easy to wear, light in nature and top quality. Everything you are looking for in a watch.

The Anniversary collection is based upon unique cities in the world. Each with their own significant detail. They focus on simplicity with an eye for the unknown, making this watch brand unique to its counter parts. Featured cities are; London, Rome, Paris, and Stockholm. Go to their website to find out which watch suits you!

What I chose…

I’m a classic man! You know me guys, I like a bit of rough but do come back to the basics every now and again 😜. I had a difficult time choosing my watch as each and everyone of them has something about them that I like. For me however, this timepiece was the winner. I chose the black version of the London edition, since it is also my place of birth✌️. The simplicity really caught my eye. It’s a watch that is easy to combine and allows for an astethic silouhette around the wrist. For me personally, being a watch lover and owning a nice watch, the back detail really caught my attention. The closing mechanism is off the roof! I mean, I really enjoy opening and closing my watch! A watch with this kind of detail and an engraved map on the back just really deserves a standing ovation.

It comes in a beautiful presented wooden box with their logo stamped on the front. Inside you will find a white cushion  supporting your beauty waiting to be worn by you! All this love for detail and attention is rounded up in a more than affordable price. This goes out to you ladies! If you want a present for your man’s birthday, and that idiot aint got no watch…. head over to Amant Watches to make him happy.

Enjoy your purchase! I’ll be in the corner playing around with my new time piece ❤️.

More inspiration with a classic watch will follow.





Collaboration with Amant Watches, thank you Mattias.

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