Now this is an odd title for a post but once you read it through, you will know why. Ever since I can remember, my parents are “morning” people. On week days they get up at 5:30 and on the weekends at 8. For some, this is dedication for others, an absolute nightmare. For this reason, you might just need to enjoy your mornings in a proper morning gown.

46 Hermés ties, 2 Salvatore Ferragamo and 1 Davidoff make up this one of a kind silk morning gown which my mother gifted my father having collected the ties over several years. My father mentioned that many of the ties were favorites of him which he stored away and couldn’t wear to work anymore. This makes this morning gown therefore a piece of art for my father (and me) to enjoy. Whilst  The Rake created the most expensive morning gown in the world together with New & Lingwood, this must be the coolest most unique one in the world.

Several years ago, my father once mentioned on a side note that he had so many spare ties he doesn’t use anymore and would like to create something out of them. My mother noted this down and got on planning and gathering ties from my father by occasionally forcing him, without him noticing, to get rid of the ties he doesn’t wear anymore. The result was a big pile of ties in desperate need of a new purpose.

The Morning Gown

The designer of “THE MORNING GOWN” is undoubtedly my mother who’s dedication and love have proven that you can really make something out of your spare ties, if you have 50 or so lying around… With the help of Jennifer Klein, a couturiese and designer herself, she made the plan and idea come alive in what would be the gift for my father for Christmas.

Over 50 hours went into the work of this morning gown, working together with the tailor and testing the gown to a similar fit and cut my father already owned. The result was quiet remarkable as seen in the pictures.

The real significance is of course the high quality silk used through these ties, making it very luxurious yes, but also it doesn’t wrinkle all too much. I for one will steal it every time I can! There is something about looking good when you just got out of bed…

Of course this shoot is completely staged, I took a shower before, brushed my teeth and styled my hair only to say ” hashtag, I woke up like this”.

Let me know what you think and please remember, it was a gift from my mother to my father. I’m the annoying son wanting to wear it myself and showing it off. I really don’t think this is at all decadent but if you feel that way, I’m sorry.