When it comes down details, all you really need is a good pocket square. One that also spices up the game when it needs to be subtle, speaking of a dark blue suit and a white shirt. There is never a really good way to explain what pocket squares one should own, however, as a person who never leaves the house without one, I thought to give you my top 5 must-haves which I use myself. 

We will start from the most important and drop down the list to the one which is least needed, or shall we say, the one with the most “naaah” effect. 

  1. The clean white cotton pocket square. 

Why 100% cotton? Well first and foremost, it can come in  pure white meaning, it is more likely to match a clean white shirt. I prefer white cotton as it also is more robust compared to Silk pocket squares for example. Say for instance you would want to form it a specific way such as in a straight line or tipping it into three points, well, the cotton will be stronger and so wont collapse easily. 

Finally, the single reason why you should own a 100% white cotton pocket square is because you can literally never go wrong. Say for instance, you would be wearing a grey Prince of Wales suit with yellow checks, the options are limited. However, with a white pocket square you can even the odds and also add a touch of light into a rather dark or monotone outfit. 

2. The colored brim pocket square. 

Available in many different colors, I for one would always choose it in a base color of white. This makes it more sophisticated and can be worn on various occasions. The brim, the edge, should be in another color such as Blue, Red or Brown. Stick to a color you would wear often as in brown for instance found in most of our shoe collections. This is a very versatile square and can be a bit more playful than its big brother the 100% pocket square.

3. Colored Pocketsquares 

Now this is where it becomes interesting and is a matter of taste. Once you have your basics sorted out, you can widen your gaze and go for a bit of color to spark up a navy suit or match your better half dress on an event (We Germans love matchy matchy…). When you do, make sure there is a a pattern on it, as clean pocket squares in bright colors can ruin the whole ensemble (personal opinion). The human brain can focus on multiple colors and patterns at once, yet, making something more bright than the other results in the item in question to stand out much more and could potentially fuck up a well put together ensemble if you don’t mind me saying. In conclusion, go for color but subtle or with pattern and you wont have such a hard time.

4. Patterned Pocket Squares

Coming to the topic of pattern. There are so many different ones out there that it will become quiet hard to choose from all of them. So, in order to make you relate a bit, I have decided to become selfish and tell you about my choices. When it comes to my pocket square stash, you will find a reoccurring pattern which is, paisley. Paisley is having a massive comeback especially when it comes to materials such as silk. I for one, dig it when they come in this fabric because of the details and the color combination. Although I very much like wearing my cotton pocket squares, paisley and then in silk is a real masterpiece. As said before, the pattern is more detailed and the colors are much brighter and stronger. In this case, it really doesn’t matter how you form your pocket square, just squish it in and make the pattern do the rest.

5. Plain Pocket squares 

You have reached the bottom of the list. Congratulations! 

This means that this pocket square is really if you have enough money to spend or you are just too bored to wear your other ones. This would be the plain pocket square. Much like the white one, this too, should be in 100% cotton and muted in color. I consider this to be the ultimate autumn/winter pocket square. This is because if you take it in muted fabrics and I mean, burgundy, light brown, kahki, perhaps even mustard yellow, you can mostly relate to a more colder color palette. I have one in a light brown tone. I prefer to wear it with grey flannel and a cashmere jacket or a classic blue blazer with a turtleneck topped off with this square. 

You see, it all comes down to what you prefer the most. I always thought to go heavy on the details, that it is why I have tones of bright pocket square which frankly, I don’t use anymore. In fact, the ones that I mentioned above, and the only one I really wear is the white one. I find it to be elegant, bold and versatile. It all comes down to the over all look and which item you want to focus on.

Which Pocket square is your favorite? Did I miss any?


Let me know in the comments below.